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Build Canaries

Early warning of project danger

Recent Posts

22 June 2020 :: Nevergreen v6.0.0 (Quick Silver) released
25 December 2019 :: Nevergreen v5.0.0 (Plump Purple) released
17 August 2019 :: Nevergreen v4.0.0 (Orange Soda) released
4 March 2019 :: Nevergreen v3.2.0 (Nintendo Red) released
20 December 2018 :: Nevergreen v3.0.0 (Nintendo Red) released
14 July 2018 :: Nevergreen v2.0.0 (Melancholy) released
13 January 2018 :: Nevergreen v1.0.0 (Lapis Lazuli) released
1 February 2017 :: Nevergreen v0.11.1 (Kobi) released
20 January 2017 :: Nevergreen v0.11.0 (Kobi) released
31 October 2016 :: Breaking changes in Nevergreen v0.11.0 (Kobi)
10 September 2016 :: Nevergreen v0.10.0 (Jazzberry Jam) released
19 March 2016 :: Nevergreen v0.9.0 (Indigo) released
11 January 2016 :: Nevergreen v0.8.0 (Heat Wave) released
8 October 2015 :: Breaking changes in Nevergreen v0.8.0 (Heat Wave)
14 September 2015 :: Nevergreen survey
24 July 2015 :: Nevergreen v0.7.0 (Grape) released
20 July 2015 :: Breaking changes in Nevergreen v0.7.0 (Grape)
17 June 2015 :: Nevergreen v0.6.1 (Fuzzy Wuzzy) released
4 June 2015 :: Nevergreen v0.6.0 (Fuzzy Wuzzy) released
20 February 2015 :: Nevergreen v0.5.0 (Eggplant) released
30 January 2015 :: Nevergreen v0.4.0 (Desert Sand) released
8 December 2014 :: Nevergreen v0.3.0 (Canary) released
30 November 2014 :: Nevergreen v0.2.0 (Burnt Orange) released
24 November 2014 :: Nevergreen v0.1.0 (Atomic Tangerine) released


canary in a coal mine

(idiomatic) Something whose sensitivity to adverse conditions makes it a useful early indicator of such conditions; something which warns of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a deterioration in its health or welfare.


The concept of build monitors is not new, but building your own takes time and focus away from building the actual software you want to build.


Primarily we have created a build monitor, Nevergreen, that we believe can be used by most projects "out of the box". For the times this is not the case, the entire codebase of Nevergreen is open source allowing it to be improved or completely modified by anyone in the community. We have also extracted several libraries out of the Nevergreen source allowing them to be used directly, for completely new and different monitor ideas.


As teams and projects get bigger and more complicated, there are more chances for build and integration failures. The earlier and clearer these failures are presented to the teams involved the better. You can read more about continuous delivery here,